This page is dedicated to my late father, Donald William Osborne, my father took the time off most every weekend to take me to shows or matches when I was a little girl. No matter what other plans he could have made on his weekend off he would always get up early in the morning and take me to a show. For that I will always be grateful. I don't believe I told you that enough .
I miss you dad..........

I started showing dogs when I was nine years old. As a junior handler I showed my parents scottish terrier, silkie terrier and a Rough Collie. I showed and bred Akitas for 13 years

Today, some thirty years later, my love has turned to the little Papillon dog.. Here I would like to share with you some of my past wins.........

The year is 1967 me with my mix breed Snorky. Snorky did not like to ride in my basket but prefered to ride
on the back of the stingrays Banana seat..Snorky went everywhere I did . Even waiting outside the class
room for me to walk home from school. And later at the bus stop when I was in Jr High. He was 16 when
he passed away..

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